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HOW WILL CompassPoint Coaching HELP MY COMPANY?

CompassPoint Coaching can help position you to meet these challenges and more. We provide one-on-one and group coaching, as well as training and employee development programs for organizations nationwide.

Developing your human resources helps to:
  • Enhance the bottom line by increasing employee productivity, loyalty and motivation;
  • Attract and retain the best talent;
  • Identify and redirect employees who are at risk of becoming counterproductive;
  • Encourage employees to recognize opportunities presented by change;
  • Inspire managers and employees to work together to anticipate and implement solutions to workplace problems;
  • Empower every employee to make decisions based squarely on the company’s vision, values and goals;
  • Bring to life the organization’s mission and brand image among employees;
  • Foster trust and improve morale throughout the organization.
Develop and Retain your valued employees with CompassPoint Coaching’s:
  • Seminars addressing workplace change and transition;
  • Group training for identifying and developing marketable skills;
  • Employee Development, Mentoring, Partnering programs;
  • Organizational communications and readiness for change assessments;
  • Values and strategic direction development;
  • Team building and partnering exercises;
  • Group, team, staff coaching.


DID YOU KNOW costs a company an estimated 1.5 times the annual salary plus the annual salary plus benefits in time and dollars to teach a new employee his or her job responsibilities?

To talk with Janine about issues specific to your organization or work group, contact her for a free introductory discussion.

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