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Janine Moon, Certified Career Coach, CompassPoint Coaching


CompassPoint Coaching’s Principal, Janine Moon, has over twenty-five years experience in corporate environments during times of tremendous industry change. She has led organizations during downsizing and technological change, through revolutions in corporate cultures and during political firestorms that challenged the very existence of the organization. She has helped build organizations to better know and respond to both internal and external clients, and to develop the people within to focus on excellence in execution.

Janine has 


experienced organizational change
lived it
initiated it
guided it
focused it
packaged it
evaluated it
revamped it
challenged it.

HOW WILL CompassPoint Coaching HELP MY COMPANY?

DID YOU KNOW costs a company an estimated 1.5 times the annual salary plus the annual salary plus benefits in time and dollars to teach a new employee his or her job responsibilities?

To talk with Janine about issues specific to your organization or work group, contact her for a free introductory discussion.

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