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Want to try out coaching?  See if it works for you and your group/team/organization?  Consider a time-limited coaching package that fits your needs:

Group/Team Coaching (4-8 weeks)
Complete Development Package includes two team observation sessions and feedback on team process and roles; facilitated development of team action plan and two group follow-up coaching sessions, focusing on group process and behaviors and action plan progress.

Assessment Package includes two assessments for members that identify behavioral style and attitudes of each; 90-minute group coaching session interpreting team members’ results and implications for team outcomes.

Tailored Team Packages include weekly team
coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes around issues
identified by team members, e.g.

  • conflict resolution;
  • internal customer relations;
  • listening skills;
  • respect for diversity of baby boomers and generation x;
  • developing team expectations and ground rules.

Package prices: based on team members and package objectives.

To talk with Janine about issues specific to your organization or work group, contact her for a free introductory discussion.

DID YOU KNOW costs a company an estimated 1.5 times the annual salary plus the annual salary plus benefits in time and dollars to teach a new employee his or her job responsibilities?


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