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Determining your next career move used to be a “no-brainer,” especially once you were in management or in a professional position. Your career path was always “up” and had most likely been mapped out as part of your “annual review” and your company’s “succession plan” a number of years before. As you moved up your career ladder, you collected experience in various operations and divisions, always adding to your value as a “long timer” with whom the company had made an investment. Your knowledge and company history were desirable, especially in C-level leaders…and you knew where you were going.

The “employment contract” of the last half of the twentieth century, however, is gone…the expectation that for forty hours (or more) of work and loyalty to your employer, you receive job security…employment for life…the company taking care of its own. Few organizations today operate with this (or any other) “contract”, and to anticipate secure employment or any career direction out of loyalty to your history flies in the face of business reality.

Business reality today (due to competitive challenges and technological accessibility) no longer supports this career approach. Any business that has not trimmed its ranks, increased its product and service efficiencies and changed its approach to the late-twentieth century “employment contract,” is sorely out of date. And will, eventually, most likely find itself out of business.

And, as an experienced executive/professional familiar with business strategy and tactical planning, the faster you recognize the fairy tale and get aligned with business reality, the better your transition and/or employment search results will be. Business cannot operate in the same way as in the 1960s, 70s and 80s because the world has changed. Nor can you operate the same way as your last job search or career change—for that same reason.

Today’s professionals and executives looking to change careers must focus clearly on three strategies for a successful search, implemented with equal amounts of patience and discipline. These strategies are:

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