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Do you share some of these questions?

  • ”I’ve always just ‘worked.’ I don’t know how to figure out what I might love to do.”
  • ”People talk about their ‘mission’ or ‘life purpose.’ How do I figure out if I have one?”
  • ”I’m envious of those who say they have a ‘passion’ for what they do. How do I figure out what work I might be passionate about?”

Find your passion; do work that you love.

Perhaps finding work that you could be “passionate” about is something you never thought about—until recently. Maybe it’s intriguing to you that work can be something you love. And maybe you know a person (or several) who has been hit by a layoff or downsizing or merger and has “reinvented” themselves doing something that makes them excited to go to work every day. If they can find a passion, maybe you can too!

Of course you can! Inside you is all the information you need in order to surface what it is you are passionate about—and what, when you find it, will be like play. It’s the work that when you’re doing it, you are at your best, using your skills and talents and strengths. It’s being “on top of your game” all the time!

A coach is that confidant and advocate who guides you through the exploration process, who helps you “surface” that information about yourself that clarifies your right direction, your life’s work…that work that will allow you to fulfill your life’s purpose.

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