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Do you share some of these questions?

  • ”By all measures, I’m successful. So why am I not satisfied?”
  • ”I’ve climbed the ladder and made it to the top. Now what?”
  • ”I’m thinking about starting a business. How do I know if I’m cut out for that?”
  • ”Work isn’t fun anymore. I can’t take another 25 years of this!”
Work can be satisfying.

Maybe you made a career choice at 22…and you’ve outgrown it. Or maybe you’ve taken one position after another…as they have come along. Or maybe you’ve always thought work shouldn’t be very satisfying…that’s why it’s called work!

Or, maybe you’ve reached a “false summit:” that place where you’ve worked hard to be but now that you’re there, you’ve found it’s not as great as cracked up to be. You’re the picture of success, but with a growing sense of discontent.

A career coach serves as a guide to help you determine where you’d like to end up and how to get there. She provides a model to help you surface information about yourself that will give you clues and themes on the right direction for you. A coach helps you examine what provides satisfaction, what values you hold, what motivates you and how all of these things measure up to business reality: in other words, how can you make a living doing what you enjoy?

A coach is that objective listener who can help you cover all the bases, uncover what you know about yourself and help you put the pieces together so the information creates your own compass point!

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