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Mentoring keeps knowledge-sharing alive

Imagine having someone in your corner who is totally committed to helping you succeed.  Senior executives are constantly challenged to prove their worth, make crucial and timely decisions and deal with ever-changing priorities, while maintaining political and emotional diplomacy on the job.  These abilities need to be honed and kept flexible to meet everyday needs that reflect the overall bigger picture.  Finding a mentor is important to this process. 


A mentor is someone who has walked where you have been in your position or field and has vast experience they can readily share.  He or she can help assess your job performance, discuss your career goals, help you brainstorm and strategize how to handle day-to-day workplace issues, and can keep you focused on your main objective.  Mentors can challenge you to meet and achieve success in several areas and are there to assist in dealing with the bumps and bruises along the way.  Mentors can introduce you to important contacts, and to opportunities you might not otherwise have found.


WMentoring and coaching are similar

Mentoring and coaching are similar, however coaching is more centered on working on an individual's own thought processes and experiences.  Mentoring usually takes the form of working with a more senior colleague in your organization or field, someone who is focused on helping you with your career.


Many organizations have mentoring programs.  If yours doesn't, approach someone you know within your organization whom you admire, and propose an informal mentoring relationship, and ensure both of you maintain confidentiality throughout.  If no one is available in your organization, ask trusted colleagues for referrals from elsewhere. 


How often and how long you meet will be up to you.  Typically coaches or mentors meet with you once a week for an hour to discuss your performance, specific work issues, dealing with those above and below you, and help you analyze what you need to work on to enhance your performance.


Being a mentor is equally as beneficial to helping you chart your career.  If you haven't had the opportunity to help someone develop their own career-achieving goals, why not do it now?  Whether mentor or mentee, remember that mentoring is a process, a journey.  It takes time to decide what path to take and what steps to take along that path that will get you or your protégé headed in the right direction.  Remember, whichever position you're in, to set boundaries before the relationship begins.  Always keep the relationship on a professional level.



WIt's not necessarily lonely at the top

It's not necessarily lonely at the top.  All great leaders and high-level professionals have had help along the way.  If you're looking for new challenges, want to improve your communication or speaking skills, or need ongoing motivational support, a mentor could be your guide.  And being a mentor can also help you work on these abilities!  It's a two-way street.  The more knowledge and experience you can gain from the mentoring process, the more you'll stay current, competitive and connected.


Planning a Program?



Looking for a new and intriguing topic for your conference program, lunch series, or seminar/workshop schedule? Consider Janine as a keynoter, workshop leader or breakout session facilitator on these topic areas (each tailored to your audience): How's Your RQ: Resilience Quotient?; Generational Synergies; Treading Water in Corporate America; Career R&R: Career Resilience & Self-Reliance; Mentoring; and Authentic Leadership.   


Jeremy Kitson

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.  It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”


Looking within…


Are your communication skills at top level?  Do you struggle with inter-personal relationships at work or speaking in front of your colleagues?  As a coach, I help you hone your speaking skills and teach you to develop your own personal style.  And I can help guide you to be the diplomat at the office.  These all-important abilities are a necessary part of every busy executive's life.  But they don't have to be daunting.  Let me help you build trust and respect in your workplace, and soon, your reputation will be applauded.


If you have thought about coaching, but just aren’t sure how to begin, call or e-mail me, I’ll introduce you to coaching and you can “try it on” with no commitment, only learning! JM


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Your big opportunity may be right where you are. ~ Napoleon Hill


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