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March 2004

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Senior Roundtable


Thurs, Mar 18/04

7:30 to 9:30 am

Wedgewood Golf & Country Club


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Thurs, Mar 25/04

7:30 to 9:30 am

Bank One Corporate


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Upcoming Programs


March 8:

“Networking with LEGS”,  Nationwide Financial.


March 27:

"Not for Wimps! A Job Getter’s Mini-Boot Camp”

9 am to 3 pm


Not for Wimps is an intense, one-of-a-kind workshop that gives participants the tools for an effective job/career transition plan and its execution… in today’s ‘Buyer’s Market’.


If you are frustrated with your search, and ready to take responsibility for making things happen, then this workshop is for you! You will look closely at yourself, your network relationships, your targets and your marketing-and set a direction and intensity that get results. Call Janine for details at 614.488-6876, or

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Navigating when change is constant

Career R&R, or career resiliency and career self-reliance, is as close to an employability guarantee as it gets.  As researchers, authors and demographics generally proclaim, organizational loyalty (read job security) to workers is dying or dead, a "cradle to grave" employment agreement is business suicide and the rungs of many, many career ladders are broken or missing.


Workers today who wait for promotions, expecting a career development plan from the organization, will most often have a very long wait, and just as often, find themselves either underemployed or unemployed.  The Information Age, with its focus on speed, technology and knowledge management is fueled by change.  Only workers who choose to be a few steps ahead of the change – even anticipating and leading it – will experience the economic stability associated with career advancement.  Adapting Career R&R strategies is perhaps the single most important career survival skill people can develop.


Career resiliency means approaching the workplace like a boxer approaches an opponent in the ring: on one's toes with agility to move and adapt as the situation requires.  Career resilient workers are learners and independent thinkers who continually sharpen and adapt their skills and knowledge to business strategy in order to provide continually better customer value.  In other words, these are workers who are quick-change artists and recognize that "long-term business plan" may be an oxymoron.


Career self-reliance means taking on responsibility for not only determining one's career direction but also making sure that it happens.  This involves redefining career or "job security" in employability terms:  staying current on business and industry trends; regularly updating skills and learning new ones; and continually raising one's performance standards. Career self-reliance becomes a comfortable approach to work when one's life purpose is clear and provides the map for the journey.


While this approach to life-long employability may seem obvious, the ability and willingness to implement Career R&R is not.  The paternalistic corporate environment worked well during the Industrial age, but few organizations have career paths or even career discussions with employees any more. People are used to taking career direction from employers,  however, so the thought of managing one's own career is tough to grasp. Examining these career beliefs and holding them up to business reality is a challenging prospect at best which threatens career security unless replaced by better, albeit different, career security – i.e., the employability security of Career R&R.


Emboldened by technology advances, global competition, and the need to not only respond but actually anticipate customer value, today's organizations require more emotionally intelligent behaviors than ever before.  Yet employers are often reluctant to provide developmental support because they don't know how…the skill sets seem elusive with hard-to-measure returns on investment; it often appears to be less risky to lay off, retool and rehire.  But employers who facilitate career resiliency and self-reliance are ensuring that their workers anticipate and prepare for a changing business environment, which only expedites business economic success.  


With job security and "cradle to grave" employment all but extinct, large numbers of workers have become corporate refugees or castaways.  In general, workers who grew up with and experienced a more stable work environment find the concepts of career resiliency and career self-reliance akin to a foreign language. Learning another language, especially as an adult, requires approaches that are more extensive, intensive, repetitive and relevant than techniques used with more malleable learners.


Workers must be flexible, continually improving their techno-skills and effectively guiding the business as though it is their own.  Their interpersonal effectiveness, teamwork skills, and ability to demonstrate measurable contribution all take priority over seniority, "business as usual" customer responsiveness and "job" expertise.  Employees who focus on career resiliency and self-reliance are not only ensuring their own employability but their own successful journey. 


March Coaching Packages

Package #1:

Make Time to Get Your Life in Balance.

Going in too many directions?  Not sure how to get back to center?  This coaching package includes 2 assessments of ten areas of your life, and a one-hour coaching session with a structured plan tailored to you!  Get your life back in sync.  Package also includes 2 “check in” calls to keep you on track!


Package #2:

Personal Branding: The most important product – YOU!

Brand “you” is the focus in today’s fast-paced world, whether you are in a job search, building a small business, or working on a promotions in your current position.  You are a product, and you are your stores… telling them, showing them, and living them.  This package gives you a structure to use in identifying and writing your best stories… those that make you memorable to current or future clients, customers or employers; and also includes 2 coaching sessions.


Package #3:

Power Interviewing – GETTING the Job.

The purpose of the resume is to get the interview; the purpose of the interview is to get the offer.  The employment market today is a “buyer’s market” … every interview must be tailored, you must be prepared, and you must market yourself as the only viable candidate.  This package helps you Prepare, Practice and Polish your focus, and includes 4 coaching sessions to give your revived confidence in your ability to shine.


Package #4:

“Cruise Missile Targeting”

Getting exactly the right targets for your job search means networking and knowing very clearly who you are and how you are the solution to an employer’s biggest problems.  This package takes you through a number of self-assessments and worksheets to help you be very clear on your values, motivations, best environments, and other pieces that help you know yourself.  Includes 2 coaching sessions that will provide guidance in putting together the pieces!


Please feel free to contact Janine with questions and for further details on any program.  Telephone: 614.488-6876; email:


Dr. W. Edwards Deming - 

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”


Planning a program?

Looking for a new and intriguing topic for your conference program, lunch series, or seminar/workshop schedule? Consider Janine as a keynoter, workshop leader or breakout session facilitator on these topic areas (each tailored to your audience): How's Your RQ: Resilience Quotient?; Generational Synergies; Treading Water in Corporate America; Career R&R: Career Resilience & Self-Reliance; Mentoring; and Authentic Leadership.   


Adapting to the new reality…


Career coaches can provide incredible benefit to both employers and employees by assisting with understanding how career security has and is changing.  As a coach, I frame my approach to the individual with an understanding of each generation’s workplace competencies, culture and career expectations, and assist in minimizing the impact of ‘culture shock’.   -JM


If you have thought about coaching, but just aren’t sure how to begin, call or e-mail me, I’ll introduce you to coaching and you can “try it on” with no commitment, only learning! JM


Until next month... “Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe something inside them was superior to circumstances.” ~ Bruce Barton


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