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Taking it to the next level

As we move into the third millennium, we are learning more about the manner in which human beings get their data and apply their knowledge.  Studies by various experts show that there is clear value in developing and maintaining a variety of intelligences.  These reports say that executives who enhance their cognitive intelligence and hone their technological skills will certainly perform well.  Those who demonstrate emotional intelligence, it is said, have the edge.  But those who also develop their intuitive intelligence may have an even greater edge.


The fast rate of change in today’s business world is one of the reasons intuitive ability is being recognized.  In a state of flux, executives often have to deal with situations and make choices without a complete set of facts.  Faced with the challenge of resolving issues while having insufficient data, they are forced to rely on their intuition – their ‘gut’ – in making organizational decisions.


Studies have shown that those who score high in IQ tests and have highly rated technical skills – excellent cognitive abilities – may still lack an essential but intangible ability to process information and suggest what seems like random solutions.  Executives striving for further career success may need to demonstrate this intuitive capacity in reaching for the next step on the ladder.  But what exactly is intuition? 


It’s an intelligence that processes information in an unconscious yet logical manner. Working away beneath our awareness, this intelligence makes leaps of faith, connects heretofore unconnected data, imagines the possibilities, makes associations, and envisions.  It is part of our creative functioning.


vThe first step to growing your intuitive intelligence is fostering serenity, space and quiet in your life.  In order for your subconscious to process information and create order from what seems like chaos, it needs some silence.  Inspiration comes from relaxation.  Make a concerted effort to find time and space, alone and quiet, to think and be… without agenda.


vYou can feed your intuitive intelligence by reading from a variety of information sources.  Read specific technical manuals and other resources that will grow your knowledge about your current position.  Read the local, national and global business news about your area of expertise and its related sectors.  And read about other types of human activity that are well outside your sphere of influence and knowledge – you will be feeding your brain a variety of details that your intuition may be able to use as fodder for ideas and inspiration.


vAssist in developing the creative potential of those around you.  Inspiration can only come from a workforce that feels valued.  Machines are great tools, but when’s the last time your computer had a great idea?  Inspire your team by listening to their ideas and fostering an open and honest communication style.  They will respond with motivation and actions to become part of the vision. 


vGrow in your own self-knowledge.  Take classes, workshops, see a counsellor, work with a coach… be honest, at least with yourself, about your strengths and weaknesses.  Write a daily journal.  Open yourself to having more personal creativity in your life.  It will enhance the creative and intuitive abilities you bring to your work.


vFind opportunities to exercise.  Eat right.  Get some fresh air everyday.  The mind works best when the body is energized and healthy.


In the past intuitive ability has been ignored and undervalued.  This quality of human thinking did not seem to be based in logic and therefore was, to a great extent, disregarded.  Now it is being recognized as a valuable component of individual and corporate success. 


A different kind of work environment is required in order to foster intuitive ability.  It is one that encourages people to go beyond traditional routines.  It is one that recognizes that the acquisition of knowledge and technical ability, however valuable, is not enough. 


As Dr. Ashley Fields, in his article, “Engineering Intuition” states, “[when]…individuals at higher levels display greater intuitive abilities, they also provide guidance for growing future generations of leaders.”


In the final analysis, it is the living, breathing human being, who feels vital and alive, brimming with enthusiasm and ideas, who will be the architect of a new business consciousness. 




“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”



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Looking for a new and intriguing topic for your conference program, lunch series, or seminar/workshop schedule? Consider Janine as a keynoter, workshop leader or breakout session facilitator on these topic areas (each tailored to your audience): How's Your RQ: Resilience Quotient?; Generational Synergies; Treading Water in Corporate America; Career R&R: Career Resilience & Self-Reliance; Mentoring; and Authentic Leadership.




In this climate of constant change, we have to adapt quickly to new requirements and new technology.  In order not to get lost in the chaos of never-ending flux, one needs a strong sense of direction.  As a coach, I help you create a vision of where you want to go, and assist you in making the choices to create your path of career success.   -JM


If you have thought about coaching, but just aren’t sure how to begin, call or e-mail me, I’ll introduce you to coaching and you can “try it on” with no commitment, only learning! JM


Until next month... Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work ~ Thomas A. Edison


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