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Common denominator retains employees


Finding, training and retaining good employees is a major investment for any company, and having excellent hiring practices is crucial to employee satisfaction and loyalty. Increasing employee retention has a domino effect: happier, stable and productive employees create more satisfied customers, which creates a more profitable enterprise.


Employee turnover is a very costly expense: experts say that it can cost 50 to 200 percent of a person's annual salary. It doesn't matter whether employees are young or old or have the best employee benefits package, incentives and more, the single most common reason people stay or leave an organization is based on the relationship they have with their direct supervisor.


lBest hiring practices work to preserve longevity

For top executives, staying abreast of current best hiring practices trends will support the overall longevity of an organization. When hiring, it's important to "see" beyond the personal interview and past experience. Dr. Maynard Brusman, a leadership team expert comments, "Effective hiring starts with a performance-based job description that reflects what needs to get done. This is an outcome-oriented approach. The ability to achieve measurable objectives is a better predictor of future performances than the candidate's level of skills and experience. Comparable past performance is a leading indicator of future performance."


Once the hiring is done, retention requires more than just a competitive salary.  People want to be challenged, valued for their contributions, have meaningful work they can feel passionate about, receive ongoing feedback, be allowed appropriate autonomy in their positions, have opportunity for growth -- and have respect and open communication with their immediate supervisors.


lTips for Retaining Employees


*Reward your high performance employees: take the time to appreciate them verbally or by written word; practice MBWA (management by walking around) and take the time to catch people doing good work!


*Cultivate a management style that motivates positive production and company loyalty; servant leadership, for example, includes rank without privilege and connects “heart” with “wallet.”


*Value and note key competencies: analyze the competencies of your top employees and use that information in the hiring process.


*Keep shared knowledge alive: weave the experience of Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers together to ensure knowledgeable future leaders; formal or informal mentoring is satisfying to both mentors and mentees.


*Attract talent who have the same values as the company; do you practice those values on an observable level -- daily?


*Encourage ongoing workplace education; employees know that keeping up with workplace change means new learning on a regular basis…keep employee skills and knowledge sharpened and they will lead your business success.


*Acknowledge workplace contributions and how they impact the organization's success; have a recognition and rewards program that gives employees rewards important to them…a gift certificate to a restaurant, verbal recognition during a staff meeting, or time off for a family occasion.


*Ensure managers use good communication and EI skills; include specific competencies in frequent performance feedback and offer training for review of skills and coaching for those who would benefit from one-on-one review.


*Align employees with individual interests where appropriate to their work.


*Retain executive coaches for management support to help managers move toward a coaching style and away from a hands-off or command and control style.


Organizations must prepare for the future by investing top priority time to bring in top talent. In today's ever-changing marketplace, attracting the right employees at the right time will also help keep a company true to its mission and corporate strategies -- and help prepare for the coming shortage of workers. 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 151 million jobs in the U.S. by 2006, with only 141 million people available for employment.


If each individual employee within an organization is happy with how they are viewed and treated by their boss, understand how they fit into the bigger corporate picture, feel positive about their job and how they fit into the organization’s future, they will be more likely to stay over the long haul, no matter the changing marketplace trends. 


Felix Adler

“Act so as to elicit the best in others and thereby in thyself.”


Looking within…


Today’s organizations are often in a constant state of flux, grappling with changes caused by improved technology, workplace culture and values shifts, global competition and the hunt for best talent. In your pursuit of top managers and employees, remember that inspiration can only come from a workforce that feels valued. Managers who are well-rounded in their business skills and knowledge, who communicate openly and foster positive, productive workplaces, who are self-reliant and never lose sight of the overall mission of their company, will undoubtedly be crucial to any organization's bottom line.  Changing work environments need creative and synergistic thinking. As a coach, I can help create, track, and monitor best hiring practices to ensure a quality, effective and successful talent management program. -JM


If you have thought about coaching, but just aren’t sure how to begin, call or e-mail me, I’ll introduce you to coaching and you can “try it on” with no commitment, only learning! JM


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Leadership development and character development are one. ~ James Hunter


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